Dr. Simone Gold on the Experimental Biological Agent Danger

If you’ve felt fear in 2020, you’ll be awakened by Dr. Simone Gold of Frontline Physicians. Has the fear and panic been forced on the people of the world? The following highlights of Dr. Gold’s video message https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/vaccines/ tell the story.

The Wuhan Virus is the correct name, like the Spanish flu was the correct name, back in 1918.

Why use an experimental biological agent that we don’t know what the results are, when we have a drug that’s been used for 65 years on billions of people with no problem?

The Wuhan Flu vaccine may not even stop the transmission of the virus.

The Wuhan Flu vaccine can cause a known complication of pathogen priming or antibody dependent enhancement that can stimulate an ongoing state of Wuhan virus infection; It causes a person to overreact to a virus. Previous vaccine studies with ferrets with 2 doses, resulted in the deaths of the ferrets when they were exposed to the virus in the wild.

WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WE DON’T KNOW, about the long term effects.

Infertility may result due to irritation of the placenta by mRNA, from gestational trophoblastic disease.

Previous Corona virus vaccines have failed.

There are no animal studies published for the Wuhan virus vaccine, and animals often die after a study.

The pharmaceutical companies have no liability with the Wuhan virus vaccine, because it’s considered in the experimental stage.

If you sign up for the Wuhan virus vaccine, you’re signing up for a pharmological tracking study that lasts for 2 years.

The Frontline Physicians broadcast was watched by over 20 Million viewers, because Human Beings Recognize Truth.

We don’t know how long the supposed immunity will last.

If frontline workers and first responders are vaccinated and 30% of them have the antibody dependent enhancement overresponse that can be fatal, it would imperil our public servants, and endanger national security.

Black and brown americans have historically suffered more reactions to vaccines than light skinned americans. But the government markets the vaccines to blacks and browns as racial justice, when in effect the blacks and browns are being conditioned to sign up first for an experimental biological agent whose results are unknown.

Africa has a death rate of 1 percent, 1% of the first world nations, Dr. Gold believes this is due to the overwhelming availability of hydroxychloroquine throughout sub saharan Africa.

We must fight the urge worldwide for private businesses, airlines, schools, and travel to mandate the experimental biological agent. StopMedicalDiscrimination.org has a Petition that we Must Sign to stop corporations from mandating the vaccine. 1 Million signatures are needed.



THE Neighborhood DRIVE UP ART GALLERY – A Roadside Exhibit of Artwork for meditation, rejoicing, and salvation.


Like the stations of the cross, or the Via Dolorosa, 12 paintings are exhibited along the length of a neighborhood block. They are displayed on easels or are large, supported canvases. God’s glory is the focus of the show, with the 12 events in Jesus life communicating God’s identity, heart of Love, and His plan for salvation in His son, Jesus Christ.
As many are reaching for connection and food for the spirit, the drive up gallery offers nourishment and rebirth to the individual ,and the family whose lives are relegated to their homes and their cars during this worldwide shutdown.
Each exhibitor station, is surrounded by lights and decoration, and invites joyful communion with the Lord. The last exhibitor station invites the viewer to receive the gift of eternal life. There is an exhibit with the animals rejoicing at the empty tomb.
Exhibit 1 is Jesus being born in the manger
Exhibit 2 is Jesus teaching in the temple
Exhibit 3 is Jesus healing the little girl
Exhibit 4 is Jesus casting out demons
Exhibit 5 is the Last Supper
Exhibit 6 is praying in the Garden
Exhibit 7 is Jesus being sentenced
Exhibit 8 is Jesus caring the cross
Exhibit 9 is Jesus nailed to the cross
Exhibit 10 is Jesus taken down from the cross
Exhibit 11 is Jesus in the tomb
Exhibit 12 is Jesus resurrected
The opportunity to display original works gives modern audiences the opportunity to experience new works by 21st and 22nd century artists. The good news of Jesus, the gospel, transforms the participants as they’re introduced to the life of Jesus through visual experience of experiencing God’s glory.                                                                        Your original artwork may touch hearts at this time of the Resurrection.  To make your pieces available for the Neighborhood Art Show, please share your original signed artwork with a watermark to be removed later. Providing an artist’s bio with your full contact information, website, or social media allows buyers to find you and order your work.  The prints would be supervised by our family and our neighbors, and would be protected from the elements. We would have liability insurance for the drive-by Art Show as well.                                                                                                                                      The Neighborhood Art Gallery will be available digitally also.                                        Churches, organizations, and individuals can hold Neighborhood Art Galleries per agreement with ReVIVAissance.  If you would like to make your original artwork available,  please submit a high resolution digital image with a watermark, with your bio, statement of your piece, and price for prints or originals, and all your contact information. Canva.com is a fantastic graphic design website that you can use for your documents so they can be more visually attractive on the sidewalk and enhance your original artwork.                                                                                                                          Email to parentingcreatives@gmail.com.  For selected images we’ll contact you and ask you to remove the watermark, so we can print a large image (possibly 16″x20″).   We’re approaching team members for possible support that will provide funds for the artists.  We’re starting out on a volunteer basis, but are developing the business mode. Would you be willing to donate your art for the promotion that it’ll receive on social media?  Thank you for your gifting and for responding to God’s calling on your life.  He is Risen!


Saint Patrick’s Day Unit Study

St. Patrick Arts Int. Lesson