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Meet that Foreign language credit, learn to communicate in Spanish, and learn Spanish worship songs, Spanish culture, and discover God’s heart for all the nations. College credit consultation available. Classes begin February 5th, 2021.

VIEWCLIX for fighting isolation-Talking to Granma & Granpa

ReVIVAissance has a vision of Empowering tomorrow’s professionals in a faith based arts and technology community. ReVIVAissance recommends VIEWCLIX for their outstanding contribution of connecting families.

So Granma is in the hospital alone, and the family really wants to connect with her.  All the family are looking forward to calling her and speaking face-to-face and to sharing photos that will warm her heart and fight the isolation.  The nurse says that this is great;  It can help with communication, with staying aware of Granma’s progress, and will lift everyone’s spirits. VIEWCLIX has met a great need during this time of the separation of generations, in a heart touching way. ReVIVAissance recognizes VIEWCLIX for their contribution to restoring Hope in the hearts of America’s families and their Granmas and Granpas through VIEWCLIX’ technological application, allowing life-giving communication between the generations.  https://viewclix.com/


FINDING PEACE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CORONAVIRUS STORM                                          By Ana Maria Blevins April 10, 2020

We ended up in the ICU with one of our children during the Coronavirus lock down. The week before, I had been having rapid heartbeat and chest pain as the spread of corona virus disease and failing economies were becoming a daily reality.  I knew that God was in control, and I knew that hard times would come, and that even at the end of the world, Jesus Christ said there would be calamities. But facing a worldwide pandemic and the response that has isolated everyone in their home, and has brought nations’ economies down to their knees, was overwhelming and felt kind of like a sucker punch. If I, as a believer in the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the Bible, and The God who has all power and authority, have been shaken, I can only imagine how those who have no connection to eternity are feeling.

In the midst of this wave of ominous fear and uncertainty, we went into the epicenter, the center of healing, the hospital. We were assumed positive of the Covid-19 virus, until negative test results could be obtained, and we were quarantined in an ICU unit that had negative pressure. The air we used was removed from the building as if we had something very dangerous and very contagious. Our guide into this journey into the epicenter was a most considerate, diplomatic, and professional nurse, named Phillip. He guided us into using the very stringent protocols, understanding our roles in health safety, and recognizing our rights as well. He was seasoned, and extremely knowledgeable, and yet very gentle. So did God put an angel named Philip there for our child and for me? Surely he did! We could not leave the room, except once to get my medicine from my car in the parking garage. We had to observe the strictest measures. I had to stay donned, with the gown, mask, and eventually a face shield, and gloves. If I pulled a curtain around my child, and I was outside of the curtain, then I could take off my personal protective equipment, PPE. We tried to visualize that my child was disseminating viruses, or more helpfully, “glitter”. The glitter was all over her, and we had to not allow the glitter to get on me nor the staff. I could only take off my mask to eat and drink. If I wanted to talk to the staff, I would signal to them through the glass wall, and they would slide the door open. I had to stand on a certain square to assure that I was six feet away from the opening. Someone had to observe me when I left the room as I followed explicit guidelines on doffing or removing my PPE. The bathroom held the room’s cleaning supplies, which weren’t allowed to leave that ICU room. The last day we were there the guidelines had become even stricter, and we tried to keep up with the changes.

So Phillip guided us as we experienced what it was like to be considered dangerously contagious. We got to see firsthand how somebody feels who has a microbe that can imperil the people around them. We also got to see how well staffed the hospital personnel were, how caring, and how responsive. We were thrilled to learn that our hospital had developed its own Covid-19 test, and our child was a grateful recipient. Many hospitals are developing their own tests, so our Arts and Technology nonprofit, rejoices in this initiative and success! Our test results came back negative right before surgery, so we were allowed to step down from the world of high alert pandemic protocols to the everyday protocols with our garden-variety microbes. What a relief. Our doctors and nurses were amazingly reassuring and comforting.

God took us into the center of the storm, and we were so blessed to feel his presence, and to see him moving through other caring and dedicated professionals, who have studied and trained to care for people. After the hospitalization of our child, coming home, I no longer had chest pain nor a rapid heartbeat. I can empathize with so many people who have been completely rattled, and are having to face our mortality, which our modern world has been removed from in many ways. In spite of the invisible ban, or spirit of the age, that has directed people not to take faith seriously, and not to consider eternity, the spiritual climate has really changed. Uncertainty rules, and this storm is revealing how strong of a foundation our individual houses, our lives, are built on. Praying that we will build our house on the rock, the rock of Christ and faith in God, the god of the Bible. And if we have built our house on a shifting foundation, that we will get up and move and relocate very quickly! And build a new house on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. He is the way the truth and the life. He is Love, and He never changes. Ask Him to come live in your heart today.

Ana Maria Blevins is the wife and teammate of Lyle Blevins. They have six other teammates whom they birthed, but hopefully they would’ve volunteered if they’d had a choice. Lyle and Ana Maria enjoy faith, the Arts and Technology, and love to see hearts touched and transformed by God’s love.




THE Neighborhood DRIVE UP ART GALLERY – A Roadside Exhibit of Artwork for meditation, rejoicing, and salvation.


Like the stations of the cross, or the Via Dolorosa, 12 paintings are exhibited along the length of a neighborhood block. They are displayed on easels or are large, supported canvases. God’s glory is the focus of the show, with the 12 events in Jesus life communicating God’s identity, heart of Love, and His plan for salvation in His son, Jesus Christ.
As many are reaching for connection and food for the spirit, the drive up gallery offers nourishment and rebirth to the individual ,and the family whose lives are relegated to their homes and their cars during this worldwide shutdown.
Each exhibitor station, is surrounded by lights and decoration, and invites joyful communion with the Lord. The last exhibitor station invites the viewer to receive the gift of eternal life. There is an exhibit with the animals rejoicing at the empty tomb.
Exhibit 1 is Jesus being born in the manger
Exhibit 2 is Jesus teaching in the temple
Exhibit 3 is Jesus healing the little girl
Exhibit 4 is Jesus casting out demons
Exhibit 5 is the Last Supper
Exhibit 6 is praying in the Garden
Exhibit 7 is Jesus being sentenced
Exhibit 8 is Jesus caring the cross
Exhibit 9 is Jesus nailed to the cross
Exhibit 10 is Jesus taken down from the cross
Exhibit 11 is Jesus in the tomb
Exhibit 12 is Jesus resurrected
The opportunity to display original works gives modern audiences the opportunity to experience new works by 21st and 22nd century artists. The good news of Jesus, the gospel, transforms the participants as they’re introduced to the life of Jesus through visual experience of experiencing God’s glory.                                                                        Your original artwork may touch hearts at this time of the Resurrection.  To make your pieces available for the Neighborhood Art Show, please share your original signed artwork with a watermark to be removed later. Providing an artist’s bio with your full contact information, website, or social media allows buyers to find you and order your work.  The prints would be supervised by our family and our neighbors, and would be protected from the elements. We would have liability insurance for the drive-by Art Show as well.                                                                                                                                      The Neighborhood Art Gallery will be available digitally also.                                        Churches, organizations, and individuals can hold Neighborhood Art Galleries per agreement with ReVIVAissance.  If you would like to make your original artwork available,  please submit a high resolution digital image with a watermark, with your bio, statement of your piece, and price for prints or originals, and all your contact information. Canva.com is a fantastic graphic design website that you can use for your documents so they can be more visually attractive on the sidewalk and enhance your original artwork.                                                                                                                          Email to parentingcreatives@gmail.com.  For selected images we’ll contact you and ask you to remove the watermark, so we can print a large image (possibly 16″x20″).   We’re approaching team members for possible support that will provide funds for the artists.  We’re starting out on a volunteer basis, but are developing the business mode. Would you be willing to donate your art for the promotion that it’ll receive on social media?  Thank you for your gifting and for responding to God’s calling on your life.  He is Risen!

Preparing for the Virus Epidemic, with faith

Sacred Pro-Life double red circles master
My friend, a Speech-Language Pathologist, is well-versed in disease prevention in her practice with young children. She and her husband, a pharmacist at a large, national pharmacy, made the following recommendations.   “He has been talking a lot about the coronavirus, and this morning he told me that we need to stock up on a month’s worth of supplies (food, toilet paper, laundry detergent, soap, etc) and be ready to not be able to go out in public for a month.  He said that we’re seeing cases double rapidly and this virus is lasting longer than the flu (2 weeks). Even if you have had the flu, you will not have immunity from the coronavirus unfortunately. He believes that within two weeks from today (about mid-March) we are going to have a giant outbreak of cases.”
“I have heard that wearing masks is not helpful”, she continued, “unless you’re around someone who has the virus or if you yourself had the virus. Masks are largely unavailable but I did find some washable masks online. Today I went to the store and was unable to purchase large hand sanitizer containers but they did have some small ones.”
“Some of this is hype from the media as we often see with any outbreak”, she feels, “but I bought things that I know I can use anyways, just in larger quantities.”
So the worst case scenario is that the virus is novel, new, and more powerful than previous viruses, drawing comparisons to the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. (1)  This from a health professional who shared this video by a Dr. who just traveled to China and witnessed the epidemic firsthand.
The big question is what are the motivations of different organizations and individuals?  Praying that the Lord would lead us to good information.
The rising spring temperatures may weaken the virus (2), as viruses flourish in cool temperatures according to Dr. Figueroa of Richmond, Va.
Would you use a natural remedy that might help prevent or lower the severity of the illness?  No guarantees, but there’s a bit of history. It’s about onions. (3)
(Snopes dismisses it, but they’ve shown bias in the past, and where did they get their authority from?)
Prayer. Rejecting fear and panic, God says to ask and we will receive.  He does intervene in our lives, right?  Remember Ben Franklin’s speech?  And personally, my toe was healed after 18 months of pain, and an accident, when our prayer group prayed for me recently.
So, the conclusion at this time is that the number of cases on the East Coast may increase, even drastically, in mid March.  Public health concerns most likely will dictate closing schools and other highly populated venues, even up to a month’s time.  Preparing for the worst is indicated, if for no other reason, than the closing down of public places to contain the spread, but the warmer temperatures may weaken the Corona virus.
Our family’s chronicles contain surviving Hurricane Fran in North Carolina in 1996, so we are canning meat in the case of unforeseen complications due to the population being home bound for a long period of time.  Think of the slowed internet on snow holidays.  Hopefully, our prayers and the warmer weather will see us through and we’ll be able to celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection together in a few weeks.
Prayerfully preparing.
(3) http://www.theeasyhomestead.com/use-onions-to-fight-off-illness/