Don’t give up your power to rescue

Your powers are many. Your voice, your vote, your vocation, you’re a force to be reckoned with – a force for evil to reckon with. Your voice sets people free, advocating for the littlest babies, children in danger, the defenseless, the marginalized, the vulnerable elderly, and for freedom all around. I’ve heard people say just be silent. Don’t fight the evil; Don’t make noise; Don’t disagree; Go along. Go along with the tyrants who will punish anyone who stands up. Go along with them. Surrender your rights. Surrender your freedom. Surrender your children, loved ones, and your property. They thought they were saying let’s have peace. But they meant peace at any price, any penalty that tyrants will crush us with for resisting their stealing, killing, and destroying. During the election of 2020, I worked the month long in person absentee voting. Like many Americans, we rolled up our sleeves and did the work of assuring a fair election. We learned the election process and the technology, and prayed and ran the best campaign we could. The greatest and most rewarding charge was to empower the voters with education and a free vote. I was thrilled when voters smiled real big and used the voters guide online that I shared with them, and showed them how they could compare their ballot online with the actual ballot to assure that all the candidates’ names were there. We had some candidates from one neighborhood that were left off. Sometimes, when I worked outdoors, orienting voters as they moved through the line, we would have voters help one another out for some to sit and wait as the line moved, or to go to the bathroom. I would tell them, we’re all a big family here, and we’ll save your place, or we’ll meet your need…. Everyone would loudly agree and it was a joy to see the desire to have brotherhood and a caring community, especially among all the races. It was unforgettable. If I had avoided politics, I would never have had this connection with these folks, these neighbors of mine. One special memory is when an elderly lady stepped on the sidewalk and said she had her elderly mother in the car, and I guessed she didn’t want to leave her in the 85 degree car, and wait an hour or more in the long line. We passed about 100 people, and a man who was the next voter to cast his vote, very graciously gave the lady his place when I explained the situation. She was in and out in under 10 minutes. The kindness and brotherliness in our polling places was an expression of the people in their identity as voters in a free nation, to work for a city on a hill, to shine the light of freedom, honor, compassion, and inalienable rights given by God; The God who made people in His likeness, people who are worthy of dignity and individual freedoms. This is my experience of politics. This is why I don’t believe in peace at any price. Freedom is worth the work, and worth the struggle, worth the battle.

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