Appeal to Donors-Medical Providers

Family, I’m having success contacting my healthcare providers by:1. call their office and ask the doctor/dentist to return my call on a personal matter as soon as possible.  2. Thank the provider for calling. Tell them the story of the struggle for freedom, the bankrupt hospitals, the Covid-19 outbreak in mid-winter in the southern hemisphere, the breakdown of basic healthcare.  3. Tell them our non-profit, ReVIVAissance, is partnering with VIVA foundation to transparently provide oxygen concentrators and equipment. The effort is led by medical professionals, not politicians. 4. Then emailing the letter below.Thank you for your great care and effort.Ana Maria Blevins
Dear Dr. __________,Thank you for your kindness and responsiveness to help Cochabamba, Bolivia, the city where my father studied medicine, my mother was a beloved cultural ambassador, and where I was born.We’re so proud of Bolivia’s rejection of tyranny last fall, as they narrowly escaped the tragic fate of Venezuela. Their hospitals were left bankrupt as they faced Covid-19 in the southern hemisphere winter. Please help the medical frontline workers to care for the patients fighting Covid-19.  Our non-profit, ReVIVAissance, is partnering with VIVA foundation, to transparently provide oxygen concentrators and equipment to treat suffering patients. 
We’ve created a platform and I hope that it’s very helpful for you and your friends who want to send care and donations. There’s a link to the story of Cochabamba, and a song praying for blessings on the donation site.
Some companies are matching donations, which is a great help at this time of the hospitals collapsing.  Thank you for your big heart for the people of Bolivia.
God’s richest blessings on you,
Lyle and Ana Maria Blevins
910 818-0517

Ana Maria Blevins

Cbba Bolivia Hosp Project.jpg

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