Possessing Bolivia 2017

We entered and explored Bolivia’s extreme destinations and risked our health and our lives to know her intimately.   Emanating from our home at sea level, then rising to the 9,000 ft. plateau of Cochabamba, we ultimately launched to 12,000 ft.  Those heights held the mind altering Salt fields of Uyuni.   The surreal city of Copacabana and the highest lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, were just a bus ride away, on high, twisting mountain roads. From there, ascent to the highest city in the west, La Paz, and a ride on the Teleferrio.  It’s only altitude.

Our family made the pivotal decision to visit Bolivia, and to relish seeing family and friends.  Our daughters had not met the family, nor experienced the land of their Mother’s and Grandparents’ births.  Rather than go to NYC for Christmas, we planned the huge undertaking of flying to Bolivia, in late January to February.  Lyle, my husband, searched for days to set up the best travel plan, and set it all up over many late nights.  We left our sea level town of Goose Creek, a suburb of Charleston, South Carolina, and flew into familiar and unfamiliar skies.

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